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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Keynote at COMPUTEX 2024

Sun Jun 02 2024


Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s Computex keynote highlighted the company’s focus on generative AI and its impact on various industries, showcasing advancements in AI platforms, robotics, and the integration of physical AI to create realistic digital humans.



AI Factories: The ability to generate tokens for nearly anything has created a new commodity and industry, with AI factories producing tokens as a new type of software, called Nims.


Digital Humans: Nvidia’s suite of digital human technologies, Ace, enables realistic interactions with AI-powered human-like forms, revolutionizing customer service, marketing, and other industries.


350x Energy Efficiency: Blackwell, Nvidia’s latest GPU, has achieved remarkable energy efficiency, reducing the energy needed to train a GP4 2 trillion-parameter model by 350 times.


Reduced Cost of Computing: The continuous drive to increase computing performance and efficiency has led to a virtuous cycle, where innovation lowers costs, leading to further discoveries and applications.


Physical AI: The next wave of AI will understand the laws of physics, enabling the creation of robots that can interact with the real world, revolutionizing industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

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